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Achieving Goals + Building Confidence.

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Classes recommence 12 FEB 2024

Class Levels...

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Como Petites 3 - 5 years

An introduction to dance and the fundamentals of physie. Girls learn the relationship of movement to music, musical interpretation and rhythm. Simple routines are taught to nursery rhymes and modern music with lots of wiggles and giggles.

Junior Girls + Ladies

From ages 5 + girls are taught age appropriate BjP syllabus with fun routines to modern music. The syllabus changes annually and the music is great!


There is emphasis on positions and correct technique with routines including elements of jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop and aerobics.

The best way to understand what Physie is all about, is to come and watch or try a lesson.


First two lessons is FREE for NEW Members 

*We welcome new members all year round.


Competitions are optional, however at Como Physie we encourage the girls to participate in their individual events and every effort is made to include each girl in a team.

Being apart of a Physie team is fun and teaches our girls to work together. 

Competitions are held across the Sydney region.

What to wear To compete you will need to wear a BJP leotard or the new look of performance wear. Each year new designs are released with a colour selection for both individual and team events.

Performance wear can be purchased through


Throughout the year we participate in 2 interclubs; these are friendly practice comps with respective Physie clubs.

Getting to Como:

Como School of Arts Novara Crescent, Como

Getting to Jannali:

Jannali Community Centre, Jannali

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